Central Bar + Restaurant Featured in Bridle Trails Magazine

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Central Bar + Restaurant | The Crown Jewell of Downtown Bellevue

We were greeted and hosted graciously by the owner Randi Brazen. Randi and her daughters designed the interior decor, which I think turned out very nice and makes people want to stay. It’s upscale and edgy yet comfortable. The restaurant has a special meaning when an owner is heavily involved in making sure that it’s designed well and the customers are happy with the food! Be sure to attend the weekend brunch, which runs half the day with unlimited Mimosas. Here’s what our residents had to say about.


The Food

“The pink drink Raspberry Beret totally rocks, along with all of the yummy food!” – Lisa Li

“I used to drive to Seattle to get amazing Avocado Toast, but Central has the BEST I’ve ever had! This is
my NEW brunch spot.” – Chris & Danna Rampey

“Every dish was AMAZING!” – Hongyu Wu

“The Buddha Bowl was the BEST.” – Christine Hidalgo & Christian Overman

“The Crab Bruschetta wins the day.” – Darian Parrish & Lisa Li The Sliders ‘slid’ into home base for a home run with Christine Garnett and Jean French.



The Atmosphere

“I wish my wife could have attended, however, I will bring her to this VERY special place.” – Christian Overman “Central is a de- lightful addition to Downtown Bellevue that oozes in atmosphere.” – Danna Rampey “Central lived up to all expectations with perfect location and upscale dining!” – Art Hidalgo “Great service in a beautiful atmosphere!” – Lisa Li “Loved the fascinating conversa- tions with all of the neighborhood connections!” – Shannon Smith “Returning AND Recommending Central.” – Paul & Tracey Rapino