Large Party Reservations


Our team at Central loves helping you create the best party possible. Whether it is at Central or an off-site location, Central will help you host and cater any special event, whether it is a dinner party, business meeting or social gathering. Our team will be at your service and will take care of the delivery, preparation and service allowing you to mingle with guest while we do the rest.

Cocktail Party or Company Happy Hour

Central was built for people to celebrate, socialize and have fun. Thats why the entire south side of the restaurant is bar height while the north side is table height in contrast. We want to encourage people to mingle, walk around and socialize with one another!

Partial Buyout
This option is ideal for groups of 40-60 making it a great option for a company happy hour or cocktail party!  A partial buyout give your group the space to mingle and socialize with one another and create a special event for your guest.
Full Restaurant Buyouts

Take over Central with this option! A full restaurant buyout is great if you are looking to host 100+ people and want the luxury of having the bar to yourself. With a full restaurant buyout we will work with you to create a customized menu, drink specials and help you host an event your group will hopefully never forget! A full buyout is great for company holiday parties, birthday parties, and special occasions!

Customized Menu & Drinks

Our local and global inspired cocktails are sure to please our guests. Hand-crafted and at the forefront of what’s trending, our experienced bartenders take great pride in our signature cocktails and are here to create what you want.

Breakfast Meetings

Central has a 10ft projector screen with HDMI connectivity which makes it the perfect spot to host a breakfast meeting. Plus it’s centralized location in Downtown Bellevue and ample parking makes it an easy and efficient space for your guest.

Central's BAM Alley

During those beautiful sunny months, Central has a beautiful European inspired patio for you and your friends to enjoy! Central's patio is lined with twinkle lights, heaters, an outdoor bar and fireplace, bar tops and collaboration tables.

Local Catering

We'll Bring Central to You!

Let our team at Central make your party the best possible! Whether it is at Central or off-site, we will take care of the delivery, preparation and service. special menus and drinks, music, treats and surprises, along with all food and beverages at your special event. Our team of professionals will circulate the room with tray service to make sure everyone at your event is happy and has had enough to eat and drink. Our best in Bellevue bartenders are truly outstanding and make the most outstanding craft cocktail or any drink of their choice.



"You'll find humor, actually, in the number of reservations I have made at your restaurants since moving here from California - the food, service, and ambience are incredible, and keep me coming back again and again. It should come at no surprise that when my boss, the GM of Life Time Fitness asked me where we should have our executive dinner and holiday party, that I immediately thought of Central" -Sharon K., The Bravern



Central is perfect for cocktail parties and company happy hours, depending on the size and style of the event we will deliver the best opportunity, even removing the barstools to allow more room for people to rub elbows and interact with one another. Especially if its a company happy hour we know the last thing your employees want to do is sit when they've been most likely sitting all day!



Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.